Two pieces of jewellery dedicated to the connection between two people. Through a pattern, whose two elements interlock, a pair arises. The open areas of the one are reflected in the surfaces of the other, forming positive and negative, key and lock.

These twelve pieces of jewellery were designed using a computer aided design (CAD) software and produced using a special 3D printing technology that allows for ultra-thin layers of just 16 mü to be printed. This results in the fine structure that is needed for the pattern to be realised. Some pieces can take up to eight hours to be printed.

„Zwei – connecting jewellery“ won the talent prize of „sofresh.the jewellery award by Pierre Lang 2009“.




Zwei brooch oval black



Zwei bracelets flat white and black
Zwei bracelets slim white and broad white
Zwei brooch flat black
Zwei brooch flat white
Zwei brooch oval white
Zwei bracelet broad black
Zwei brooch round black
Zwei bracelet broad white
Zwei bracelet slim black
Zwei bracelet slim white
Zwei brooch round white